Monday, January 25, 2010


Photo courtesy of The News Journal/Suchat Pederson
Good evening,

Today it rained in Mother Haiti. Her tears were representative of the tears I experienced yesterday. The Sun managed to push away the clouds and quickly my spirits were lifted.

Dr. Brebbia and I operated all day hoping to save lives- mission accomplished!!
I must say that I dusted myself off and stood up an 8th time. For you see, failure is not an option for the benefit of the Haitian people.

Bill Withers has a great song called Lovely Day. Instead of entering a long blog post, I am going to let you think about the words and the melody and let pictures tell the story. As Antar Johnson has stated, these pictures illustrate the plight of a people who have suffered for so long and even more during this crisis. Please forgive the graphic nature of these photos.

I will be home soon. I miss my family tremendously.

The Governor is trying to arrange our way home so we don't have to endure the arduous journey that we experienced in getting here. I miss you all. Thank you.


Doc J

Photo courtesy of The News Journal/Suchat Pederson

Photo courtesy of The News Journal/Suchat Pederson


Anonymous said...

Steve you guys are doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.


Love Lump Lisa and Josh

maurice said...

Dear Steve,

May God continue to bless the hearts and hands of you and your team as you continue in this very necessary but selfless mission. Thank you for being an ispiration for how we are expected to not be wasteful or idle with our time and talents. Moe and I are praying for you and your team. Your discipline and focus in spite of the politics is admirable and amazing!
God Bless,
Moe & Tonya

Joel B said...


Great pic. Looks like you and Scott made this little girls day...and she made yours. Keep doing Gods work.

Joel B

Anonymous said...

The pictures and your words really capture the emotional ups and downs of your team. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Take all the time you need, we have you covered back here at home for as long as you need...our best to all your team.


megunn3 said...

I will not forget what I've seen and read in your posts, and I'm sure you won't either. Hopefully this encourages and motivates all of us to stay in the game and 'do better' abroad and at home. This can't be another Katrina. We all need to be a part of a sustaining, loving, compassionate solution. We need more healers like you. Stay safe...

Sonya said...

Dear Steve and Team:
I pray that the Lord continues to keep you strong in mind and body so that you can continue to bring comfort in Haiti. After reading about your new found Cuban colleagues, I was blessed with the scripture for Jan 26, 2010: Mark 3:35 Jesus looks at those seated around him and says "Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother." (weird huh!)

meanwhile i leave you with this: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12

Take care,
Sonya Springer (TJ and Aud's friend)

Stacie Larkin said...

Dear Steve,
How touching to read and see the pictures. Your talent and compassion is benefitting many. Thank you for sharing your experience - your reflections are inspiring!
Your neighbor,
Stacie Larkin

Anonymous said...

first let me say how proud I felt when I read the blog this morning. You, Scott and the entire team are doing something some of us wish we had the heart to do. I am proud to say I am a part of your team here @ home. I only wish I could be a part of it there too. Politics will always rear its ugly head and when it knocks you down; you just dust yourself off and get up the eighth time. (I have to tell my children that one). As the tears ran down my face all I could think about were you giving yourself so unselfishly to the Haitian people in need of your services,with just smiles and gratitude as your payment. Your family and friends must be so proud of you, your family/friends here in the OR is just as proud. Be safe, keep your head up and keep up the “GREAT” work. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed.

Tomiko, (scrub in the OR)

mrsdavis4god said...

This is your cousin Johnette Houston I am so happy to see you over there helping out. You will truly be rewarded for this. I am sure they appreciate you tremendously and I pray that you be safe and have a safe trip home. As a nurse I wish I could be there with you helping. I will be praying for you. Continue to keep us updated.

Johnette Houston-Davis

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping my brothers and sisters in Haiti. May GOD continue to bless you the rest of your life.
Winer Emerand
CCHS Pharmacy