Monday, January 25, 2010

More Doc J Pics....Warning Some are Graphic

A Sign in Creole Asking for Help

Doc J asked me to post these pictures some of which I think require a graphic warning. He wanted to share these medical pictures not to sensationalize what he is doing but to educate and give a better appreciation of what he is dealing with on a day to day basis in Haiti. Doc J and his team are doing some great work under very arduous conditions, please keep him and the people of Haiti in your prayers. In order to preserve all intellectual property rights from Photographers/Press or Dr. S. A. Johnson. DO NOT COPY or repost picture from this blog/website without the express written permission.   [Admin- Antar Johnson]

8 month old girl awaits operative debridement of her wound

A four year old girl with tuberculosis and a left neck abscess.
Operated on her today to get rid of her pain and fevers.
Note: the asymmetry in her facial features because of the abscess.

The right thigh wound and the "water"- baby Agaella's plight

This is an amputation of an arm our team worked on.
She was pinned beneath the rubble after a concrete barrier fell.
Her husband pulled her free. We had to complete her amputation.

A Haitian womans foot prior to our amputation. Ironically this
poor woman's foot condition was NOT a result of the quake.


Anonymous said...

Not much to say this evening. Pretty powerful images. May God's richest blessings be bestowed upon you. Your sacrifice has been great; your gift to the Haitian people, even greater! Finish big. Hurry home soon and safely. I love you!


Anonymous said...

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