Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Good Morning,

I decided to enter this blog at 1AM because we are in need. Little baby Frantz has been having a tremendous amount of difficulty with his respiratory function. We all believe it is because of something called aspiration. That's where your stomach contents end up in your airway and you have a difficult time breathing. At about midnight baby Frantz began to have a significant drop in his oxygen levels.

This has prompted us to make a tough decision and one that has me searching once again for my guardian angels. After an email and a text message to Major Bouchard, the Canadian Army (at 1135PM) arrived in a Humvee with "wings" and a transport truck with "angel eyes". The assault rifles they carry are intimidating but they are far from that.

Captain Meghan Joiner jumped out of the transport vehicle and informed us that she will grant us our request...yet again. We are running dangerously low on oxygen tanks and the hopes and dreams of Mother Haiti hang in the balance.

I have made the decision (along with my colleagues) to consider transport of this tiny patient to the Jacmel docks where the Canadians have set up tents and medical supplies. Repeated attempts to transport this patient out of here have failed. Without communications and military muscle this child will die.

The scene was surreal. I was in the back of a Humvee holding on so that I didn't fall out. The baby was in a makeshift incubator (a storage box lined with a bunch of our OR drapes and blue towels). His IV was infusing fluid and his oxygen saturations were labile at best.

The Canadians could give us an additional set of oxygen cylinders to almost make it through to the morning. It is 3AM now and my homeward bound transport to Port-au-Prince leaves at 7AM. Our team is not leaving this child and his distraught parents behind.

Even more, no one and I do mean no one wants to fall asleep. We are literally at the Canadian Task Force post taking turns watching the baby and cracking jokes.

Dr. Paula Schank, an anesthesiologist and US Air Force Colonel (who also administering the life saving anesthesia to reporter Bob Woodruff) decided to pull rank and wake up an entire cadre of important ranked officials. She has been granted a delivery from the US Air Force!!! Liquid oxygen tanks that will last much longer and afford us the opportunity to make it to Port-au-Prince by air. The Commanding Medical Officer of the USNS Comfort called her back as well and said that there will be a possible MediVac (helicopter)arrival at 830AM. Importantly, he also offered two
alternative plans should plan A fail.

I am exhausted and we are looking for ONE LAST MIRACLE!!!!

Steve Johnson


Antar said...

I am keeping you Baby Franz and all the people you have helped in my prayers Steve. You have done far more than most and made tremendous sacrifice. None of your efforts are in vain. Safe travels my friend.


Ina said...

We will keep Baby Franz in our prayers as well as you for a safe journey home. Thanks for all that you do. If there is anything I can do from my end for the orphans let me know.
Ina (Antar's sister)

Anonymous said...

so happy to see this blog. Lost contact with you after 12:30am. Glad to hear Baby Frantz made it thus far. What is the child's status now Where are you now and what is next?

ME and the girls

Pranav said...

Steve, I have great admiration for what you are doing over there and wish you the best of luck. May God bless you and your colleagues and the people that have suffered. Peace!.....Pranav nad Mansi

Camilla said...

Good Morning Steve,
I spoke with T today. I swear, she just brightens my day like I'm sure you are brightening others. I just wanted to post the Daily devotional I read today from the Daily Bread.

William Adams (1564–1620) is believed to be the first Englishman to reach Japan. Taking a liking to Adams, the ruling Japanese shogun made him his interpreter and personal advisor concerning the Western powers. Eventually, Adams was presented with two swords with rank of a Samurai. This showed just how much the Japanese revered Adams. Because William Adams served his foreign king well, he was also rewarded with greater opportunity for influence.

Centuries earlier, another man in a foreign country also had great influence over his king. Nehemiah was a cupbearer to Persian King Artaxerxes (Neh. 1:11). In the royal court, the cupbearer would test the wine before it was given to the king to protect him from poisoning. But this position also meant he had the king’s ear as a trusted advisor. Nehemiah’s integrity, administrative gifts, and wisdom made him a confidant to his ruler, which paved the way for the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

Like Nehemiah, each of us has been given a unique sphere of influence. Raising children, church or community work, and employment all provide a platform where we can have a beneficial effect on others. Has the Lord placed someone in your life upon whom you can have an influence? — Dennis Fisher

When we live with integrity,
We please our God above
And influence society
With truthfulness and love. —Sper

Even a little example can be a big influence for Christ.

Anonymous said...


I hope everything turned out well. Godspeed in getting home.

Antar, thank you once again for coming up with this idea. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home my man...Team Delaware is AMAZING! Everyone here at CCHS have you in their prayers. I'm sure those girls can't wait to see you! Take some time to decompress when you get back, we got you covered here.


Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD of you I can not put words to my feelings. I know we have not spoken in some time, but since I became aware of this endeavour, I spread the word around NEW YORK of your noble pilgrimage to save lives in my wife's homeland. My family, my friends and my staff keep you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...


I almost fell out laughing when I saw your post entitled "Invictus." Otis and I recently watched the movie and when he began quoting it, I knew from whence his knowledge came. LOL. I hope that brought a smile to your face. I am so honored to know you and reading your blog has made me remember how many good people are out there giving to others freely. I want to thank you for the shout out and even, for attempting to get the address of my grand-uncle. You are still the guy I remember. Of course, I couldn't get in touch with my aunts in Florida in a timely manner- those retirees are living it up. But thanks for what you have done. Give Miko and your children-hugs and kisses for me. Tell them--thank you for supporting you throughout this endeavor. Many blessings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

We have great admiration for all that you are doing in Haiti. We pray for you and all those in need of prayer daily. Rodney and I would love to help your team in some way. Please let me know if it's possible to send funds that will directly assist your team in getting medical supplies, food items, transportation, anything required to help save lives and heal those that are most in need.

I was also considering hosting a Fundraising Spa Event sending all the proceeds to an organization (you recommend) that will get your team/families the things required to heal and save lives.

God Bless and always safe travels to you and your team.

We love you Steve!
Rodney & Kim

Audrey said...

God makes a way out of no way. The prayers are flowing heavy for Baby Franz. Of course they continue to flow for you and your colleagues. Get home safely Brother in Law.