Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Comment section is Now

finally working. Just click the comments link at the end of each post and choose the anonymous option. HOWEVER, be sure to include your name and info as Steve would like to know who you are. Sorry about this feature not being available earlier.

(-Admin - Antar Johnson) 


Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

I am in awe of you. As someone who knew you when you were in medical school, it is amazing to know your talents are not going to waste. As someone of HAitian descent, I thank you.

It makes me happy to know that that Haitians can see us helping them in the wake of all this tragedy.

Shirley (otis' wife)

Anonymous said...

Steve, What can I say. I have always known that God had a plan for you, but your obedience is incredible. You are changing lives. That little Louise will always know that an American man who looks like him has enhance his life. I am blessed by your service. You and Meek are in my prayers. Cynthia and Fred are going to follow in your foot steps.
See you when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Wow, God bless you for all you are doing and the difference you are making. It's inspiring to see someone use their education and skills to give so unselfishly to their fellow man. I'll keep you in my prayers that God keeps you safe.